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What is Group Health Insurance coverage?

Group health insurance coverage is purchased by an employer and in turn offered to their employees (usually including the employee’s family members as well). It’s a great way for companies to attract and retain quality employees. Most American families have health insurance through their employer or a family member’s employer. The biggest benefit for employees is that the employer usually pays for 50% or more of the monthly premium fees.

What are the differences between health insurance tiers?

The Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” require these plans to meet benchmarks. These metal levels represent the benchmarks set in place.

-Platinum Plans: The most expensive plans, designed pay up to 90% of medical expenses
-Gold Plans: Designed to pay up to 80%
-Silver Plans: Designed to pay up to 70%
-Bronze Plans: Designed to pay up to 60%

These metal tiers represent what they pay on average.

How does the Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare" Impact my Business?

If you have fewer than 100 employees you are not required to provide health insurance to your employees. However, small business owners may receive tax credits if they decide to provide health insurance coverage. Employers who have 25 or fewer employees making less than $50,000 annually may be eligible for tax credits of up to 50% of the amount they contribute.

Does my Business Qualify for Group Health Insurance?

Your business will most likely be eligible for a group health insurance plan if it meets the criteria of:
1. Your business consists of at least two full-time owners, officers, partners, and/or employees
2. Your business has been verified as a legitimate business (not a business formed only for the purpose of obtaining insurance)
3. Your business meets the minimum employer contribution percentage (determined by the insurance company)

Am I Required to Provide Health Insurance?

According to the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” employers with less than 100 full-time equivalent employees are not required to provide health insurance for their employees. However, there are plenty of reasons to. It can help you retain employees, increase their satisfaction, attract new talent, and you can even receive tax credits for supplying health insurance.

Can I Find Cheaper Rates Somewhere Else?

Health insurance rates are filed with your state’s Department of Insurance who also regulates the rates. This means you should pay the same monthly rate no matter where you buy your insurance; us, your agent down the street, or directly from the giant insurance companies. This allows you to use our technology to conveniently purchase your health insurance, all while being confident you’re getting the best price.

How Much Does Group Health Insurance Cost?

Your insurance company will determine the monthly cost for your business.

What if I Already Have a Broker?

You can still use your current broker.

How do I Apply for Group Health Insurance?

Tell us about your company and your employees
We supply you with the best health insurance quotes available for your area
You compare different rates and benefits to determine which best fits your company
If you have any questions, you’ll be able to speak with one of our licensed agents who can help you decide which plan and benefits are best for your company.

What Percent of the Plan Must I Pay for My Employees?

Employers usually pay around 50% of the employee’s monthly premium. The employee then pays the rest. However, minimum employer contribution varies by state and insurance companies. When applying, you’ll be able to indicate what percentage you’d like to pay.

Can I Add Dental and Vision to my Group Health Insurance?

Yes, Dental and Vision insurance are available as benefit riders that can be added to your group health insurance plans.

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